Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Review: Super OG

Strain: Super OG
Subspecies: Indica
Experience: Tried this Super OG as my first bong rip of the day and was very satisfied.  Two pulls on the bong and I was feeling very medicated.    The buds snapped easily off the stem - not too dry and not too moist.  I always appreciate a good OG and this one lives up to its name.  Plus, the sugary crystal coating is beautiful!
Aroma: Super OG has that signature OG fragrance...hard to describe but very recognizable.  Maybe a bit like new tires. 
Flavor: Tastes a bit like the smell - new tires!  My mouth was really watering after a few bong rips. 
Purchased: 2.13.10 at New Age Wellness Group in La Jolla, CA
Price:  $55 1/8th
Rating: ****

New Age Wellness Center  
343 4th ave, Suite 204 (next to Dick's Last Resort)
San Diego, CA 92101
p. 619.487.0433
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