Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Birthday to Bob Marley

Our friends at put together a little video with cannabis.  Enjoy!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

First Sprouts of Spring

Having never tried growing from seeds, BudLover is up for the challenge.  For the last six months we have been collecting and storing cannabis seeds.  We used some old peat moss discs we had laying around from last year's vegetable garden and to our delight we saw the first signs of success within a week of planting them.  It will be fun to see what strains grow and we'll keep you updated on the progress.
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Budlover is headed to Amsterdam

Bring on the buds and banana shows, we're headed to Amsterdam next week.
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Friday, July 2, 2010

Hoopnotica - The "Stoner Workout"

"Girl - if you want to wear the clothes, you have to make some sacrifices." - Ben S. 

This mantra was bestowed upon Budlover many years ago by her dear friend Ben, whose wise words went unappreciated for a long period of time. Ben was Budlover's self-appointed "Jewish Mama",  and the Fag to her Hag.  At that time, Budlover was a ripe, young nineteen year old girl living in NYC... she and her metabolism had not a care in the word (besides where her next pair of shoes would come from). We feared no cheeseburger or cup-o-noodles (judge not - we were broke and wanted to conserve $ on food to satisfy our sartorial appetite).

Years later, things (our abs and ass in particular) have changed and we find ourselves needing to heed Ben's sage advice. Budlover has a penchant for pretty things, clothes chief among them. Without a good diet and exercise, it would no longer be possible to rock the short skirts and form fitting dresses that we so adore.

It must be said that Budlover is (obviously) 1. a stoner, and (not to stereotype or anything) 2. lazy and quite sedentary in nature. We despise sweat and the monotonous, laborious, strenuous physical exertion required of a healthy exercise program. Most of the time, we simply cannot be bothered. 

Until now...

Budlover has discovered the secret to staying slim AND stoned - HOOPNOTICA!
The formula is really quite simple: weed + hoop + tunes = 8 )

Budlover was introduced to Hoopnotica by a dear friend and fellow stoner, M, who swore up and down that she'd lost 25lbs over 6 months simply by hooping for 30 minutes each day and counting her calories (If it's after 8pm, you'd better put the pasta down, girls. sorry.) Having observed M's transformation with our own eyes, we decided to give it a whirl. 

Budlover picked up this adult sized, portable "Travel Hoop" fitness-hoop from the Hoopnotica shop in Marina Del Rey just a few months ago; and has not been able to put it down since. We know that hula-hooping may sound intimidating, but don't worry - it is quite easy! The larger (adult) size and heavier weight create momentum, making it easier to "keep it up". Once you've mastered waist and hip hooping, you begin to learn other moves such as "halos" and "corkscrews". These are great for impressing your friends. Budlover finds that it is easier to master new moves while stoned, so we highly reccommend medicating prior to any hoop-jam.We usually enjoy our daily Hoopnotica practice by creating an ipod genius mix of 8-12 of our favorite songs, then we hoop till it's thru. 

Hooping is a blast, it's fun, it improves your coordination, it looks HOT, and it really blows thru the calories (400-600 per hour to be exact!). We've lost (and kept off)  a little over 2 inches from our waist since starting 6 months ago. What more could a girl ask for?

The answer is obvious... more hoops of course! Budlover has expanded her personal collection to include more than a dozen gorgeous "Limited Editions". They sparkle like jewels in our backyard and bring a smile to our face whenever we look out the window. Bet you can't say that about your treadmill / spin bike / elliptical.  ; )

Hoopnotica sells it's colorful, gorgeous hoops online at In addition, they've opened a Hoopnotica studio just down the street from Budlover's house, now offering classes 6 days per week

Check it out, you might find us there.... and if you're early, you might catch us vaping with our Magic Flight Launchbox while sitting outside in our car. If spot us, just knock at our window. Sharing is caring, after all. 

13453 Beach Ave
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Budlover is setting off fire alarms....again.

The fire alarm is going off in Budlover's building, but we're not evacuating.

The first time, we grabbed our tiny dog, favorite shoes, and macbook before scooting out the door.

The second time, we thought that it might be a coincidence. (we were taking bong rips both times)

The third time, we realized that it was entirely our fault.

Although we usually medicate with our Vapor Brothers Handsfree Vaporizer, we sometimes enjoy being enveloped in a pearly cloud of delicious smoke....too tempting to resist....

for the sake of our neighbors, we promise to vape more often 
; )
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Canna-bliss... Osea Undaria Body Polish

Nothing starts the day off right quite like a nice bong rip followed by a long hot shower.  It is no secret that Budlover is a girl, and of course one who likes her creature comforts. That being said, we're also a bit of a hippie, and we prefer our beauty and skincare products to be natural and chemical/cruelty free.
Osea Malibu is one of our favorite skincare brands. Not only is it 100% organic, Osea is also certified Vegan and Bio-Degradable. Right up our alley! Budlover adores their delicious Essential Hydrating Oil and Atmosphere Protection Cream, and can't imagine living a day without it. 
We recently ordered a big ol' jar of Undaria Body Polish, a new product being offered on Osea's website.  Undaria is a type of seaweed that is sourced in the pristine waters of Patagonia (doesn't that sound fab?), and it is uber-rich in sodium, iron, potassium, calcium and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. Undaria prevents the breakdown of hyaluronic acid in the body, which is necessary to keep skin smooth and firm (Just how we like it).  The body polish also contains exfoliating granules of pumice along with acai, guarana, and exotic babassu. Sounds lovely, right? Trust us, it is.

And get this - Osea Undaria Body Polish also contains hemp oil, derived from CANNABIS SATIVA (our fave)! YESSS!!!
Although this yummy body polish won't give you a contact high, it will leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and super moisturized. 
Better yet - the subtle lavender & lemongrass scent is not overly girly or fussy. Osea Undaria Body Polish is great for both sexes.. Mr. Budlover also gives it two thumbs up!
Affordably priced at $60 for a large 12oz jar, Osea Undaria Body Polish is the ideal gift for yourself, or the Cannabis lover /slash/ Skincare snob in your life. Order a jar today, we promise that you'll be happy you did - especially if your morning routine mimics ours.
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