Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Classic Cannabis Strains at China Inn

(China Inn is located on the corner of Lincoln Blvd. & Indiana Ave. in Venice Beach) 

While driving today on Lincoln Blvd., BudLover noticed a little green cross stuck to what looked like a Chinese restaurant.  BudLover was, of course, intrigued and decided to check it out.  Things seemed shady upon closer inspection. The facade was old and worn, the windows blacked out.  We rang the bell and waited for about 30 - 45 seconds, becoming more intimidated as time passed.  Just as we turned to leave, the door opened.  We were blinded by a clean white interior and a friendly man welcoming us into the China Inn Holistic Cannabis Collective.   Read more after the JUMP
We stepped into a crisp, clean reception area that included an ATM and looked nothing like its exterior suggested.  After signing in, we got to take a peek behind the curtain separating the reception area from the well illuminated art gallery and vapor lounge.  The plush, purple velvet couch and vaporizer looked inviting, but we proceeded to the bud bar.   There were lots of great strains to choose from, but we couldn't pass up the legendary Lamb's Bread (word has it this was Bob Marley's favorite strain).  Check out the Cannabible to learn about some other delicious classic strains.  In addition to a great selection of original, old school strains, including AOTA, China Inn also had a nice selection of sweet edibles.  Much like our friends at the 99 Collective, China Inn hosts a gallery of psychedelic art.  BudLover suggests you check out the gallery event with live body painting this Saturday from 6-8 PM at China Inn.  Parking on Lincoln seems to be abundant.
Lesson learned- never judge a collective by its exterior.  BudLover was pleasantly surprised by China Inn's clean and inviting interior.  Stay tuned for our review of Bob's favorite strain, Lamb's Bread.

812 Lincoln Blvd. 
Venice, CA 90291
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