Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ode to Joy - the Hubby Bar Medical Marijuana Edible

Ah, the Hubby Bar - by far my edible of choice. This tasty treat comes in a variety of flavors (Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and several "Crunch" varieties of the aforementioned flavors). Peanut butter is my personal fave.  This wonderful Medical Marijuana chocolate packs a heavy punch.  Each bar is segmented into 6 pieces, and it only takes 1/2 of one peice to get yours truly very, very medicated. Affordably priced at just $10, the Hubby is in my opinion the most wallet friendly cannabis edible I've ever tried. Do the math  - the cost per dose is just above $0.80!
Now on to the best part..... the Hubby Bar experience. Friends, a word of caution - this edible is a major creeper! It kicks in 30 - 45 minutes after ingestion, stays strong and lasts long (4+ hours). I often forget that I've medicated and then find myself very, very stoned. The Hubby Bar contains Hash Oil and I'm not sure if it is an Indica or Sativa dominant medicine, as it's effect is both a cerebral and a body high.
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Everything is HILARIOUS when on Hubbys. They're also great for pain relief or for sleeping, but they don't make BudLover feel overly tired or "Couch Locked". Mainly, the Hubby Bar imparts a very mellow sensation that is great for social situations, or for relaxing at home. BudLover has also enjoyed Hubby Bars while on a ski trip... they lent a certain "sparkly" appearance to the snow, and I felt a childlike sense of joy while cruising the slopes. After a long day on the mountain, I felt less muscle pain and fatigue as a result of medicating with the Hubby Bar. A winner all around.
So far, BudLover has only been able to find Hubby's Edibles at one dispensary in L.A., and they are often sold out. Because of this, we won't disclose the exact name or location - you'll have to email me to find out. If you have seen Hubby's Edibles at your local dispensary, please post the name and location in the "Comments" section below this post.
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Anonymous said...

Must agree with you - hubbys rock.

Just bought some at Club Meds in Laguna Hills - they had a large selection & all the flavors.

Addy: 23251 Peralta Drive, Suite T, Laguna Hills, CA 92653.

Place is in a building behind another building and a little hard to find - but they have top shelf 1/8's for $45 on Friday, and tons of hubby's. btw - I don't work there or anything, just love that place!

Anonymous said...

med x downtown los angeles off the 10 freeway on maple

Weedtracker.COM said...

gotta agree with you too!

Nothing better then the hubbys bars, best edible on the market hands down.


David Melendez said...


Anonymous said...

Hubby bars are in corona! Peoples medicinal cooperative. Off the 91. 2050 frontage rd ! Theyhad tons!

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem! When you buy a Butterfinger or Cruch bar, you eat the whole thing, right? I bought one of these at Patients' Premium on Warner in Santa Ana (great dispensary). My wife and I split the bar and went on a short hike in the Orange Hills with our 5-year-old son (who did not have any of the bar). When we got back to the car we started getting really high. I drove us to the village mall in Orange, and it was all we could do to find the Olive Garden. Tripping in the restaurant. Had to really concentrate to drive home. Spaced out on football, wife curled up on the couch, totally out of it. The point is, this shit is too strong, and there needs to be something printed on the bar or whatever to warn about the potency! Anyone taking one of these on his/her own would have their head blown off! Can't wait to buy the next one. Ha-ha. One piece at a time. Caution, people.

Anonymous said...

CPA in santa ana has hundreds of these, in all 9 flavours.

francisco said...
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francisco said...

Great blog.
I got a Hubby Bar Location:

24602 Raymond Way Suite 203, Lake Forest 92630

A joint called LFWCC or Lake Forest Wellness Center and Collective

$12 bucks a piece
$10 bucks a piece when you buy 3+

They are bomb as fuck!

Anonymous said...

hubby bars are amazing<3

Marc said...

You people here are effing dirtbags.Each and every one of you. I do not appreciate candy bar look-alikes finding their way into the schools my kids go to.Disguising pot bars to look like candy is exactly what you people excoriated 'big tobacco' for. Everyone knows 'medical marijuana' is a farce, and that it's just a scam for loadies. Products like this only turn voters against you in your stupid cause of legalization. When people know they're being lied to, they will turn on you. I hope the Feds raid this place and burn it to the ground.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Peter Sklar.

Anonymous said...

Be careful...

Stupid dude at the dispensary said to take 2 of the 6 pieces for a decent high. I bought a bar and ate 1 of the 6 pieces on my way to work. Didn't feel ANYTHING after 1 hour, so I ate another piece. About 30 minutes after that I started to get high. REALLY HIGH. TOO HIGH.

About 45 minutes after that I really started to panic. I was getting too high to even talk or keep my head up straight. I started to leave work to drive home and as soon as I got into my car I realized I was WAY to high to drive. My only option was waiting it out in my car until it let up.

I began to get extremely dehydrated and a major dry throat and LUCKILY had some water bottes in my car. I started to drink like crazy but then realized I would have no way to go the bathroom while I waited this out.

My heart began RACING. I took my pulse at around 180 and could SEE my heartbeat through my shirt.

For the next FOUR hours I was confined to my car in MAJOR agony. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. My skin was ice cold, and I could BARELY lift my head, let alone move my body. Body drop of all body drops. I came VERY close to calling 911. SERIOUSLY.

After four hours I began to dramatically feel better. Like an instant 75% reduction in my high, but still REALLY high. About 30 minutes after that I was finally able to walk back up to my office to wait the rest of it out. Shockingly, I STILL felt like I wasn't able to drive until about 90 minutes later.

I am very sensitive to Sativa, but I get rapid heartbeat even when smoking too much Indica. I think Hubbys are high in Sativa, and are REALLY REALLY strong. To the guy who says he and his wife each ate 3 pieces, that is insane. I am a 6'3", 215 pound regular 420 vaporizer and I almost ended up in the ER. That leads me to believe that there is little consistency between bars.

I know recently the bars have been making it into schools, because people are stupid, not because 420 or chocolate are stupid. People need to stop making excuses for each other.

Be careful with Hubbys. Start with 1/4 OF ONE PIECE and wait at least TWO hours before taking any more. They come on pretty slow, but then proceed to beat the crap out of you for quite some time.

Anonymous said...
Dispensary name please

Anonymous said...
Dispensary name please

UnitedPatientService said...

We also carry hubby bars! check us out on weedmaps! (in URL)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say i am a regular medicator, often very heavily, indicas are my favorite. I am 5 ft nothing and 105 lbs. and i can eat a whole bar and not end up in ER. But every bar i have had makes me feel the same

Anonymous said...

Hubby bars take approximately 2 hrs. to kick in for me. It's probably best to wait that long first, before deciding they don't work and deciding to consume more.

I myself have to eat the whole bar to feel the effects, but the effects are always consistent w/ a perfect balance of cerebral and body high like the OP said.

The taste, in my opinion is really bad though.. even the smell triggers a gag reflex.

Anonymous said...

Little Amsterdam in West LA has them.

Anonymous said...

Bhang bars are much much better and the most pro high quality bar on the market. The only use buds and the best chocolate. Each bar is professionally labeled including percentage of thc and other canniboids. This is all verified and tested by a lab.

Greener Pastures Collective said...


Greener Pastures Collective
1101 S. Robertson Blvd. #104
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Hubby Bars!! =]
Exclusive Indoor Strains -- $45 CAP!
We Tweet: @GPC_Meds
Daily Specials! =]

Anonymous said...

There should be instructions on this gosh damn thing, because it got me epicly rolled.
I went to a party and one of my friends gave me one of these, with absolute no instructions. I am 16 years old, 125 pounds, and I only smoke weed on occassion. I had not eaten anything that entire day because it was a swimsuit party and I wanted to look good, so this may play a factor
All I have to say is: holy shit.
Well, for starters, it didn't hit for a long long time, 1-2 hours before I started feeling it. And at first it was a good feeling, lack of inhibitions, not thinking clearly, etc...the usual stuff.
Then I got severe cotton mouth and all of my words were blending and slow, and I could hardly form a sentence. I also didn't have any desire to talk or say anything, I just wanted to crawl in a bed and die.
My mother came to pick me up, and noticed I looked a little different, i told her I was just really tired. Twoof my friends were sleeping over, and they were telling me to open my eyes wider, stop twitching, speak faster and clearer.
I passed out the minute I got home, not remembering to take off eye makeup or take out my contacts.
The worst part is when I woke up. I was not even in the realm of the living. I crawled to the bathroom because I had to pee. I stood up off the toilet, and completely passed out and fell onto our tile floor and hit my head. I honestly thought I was dead. I couldn't see or hear anything, let alone talk. My friends walk in and panic. I was sweating profusely, and my throat and mouth were dry. They were filling up water bottles and just having me chug, while wiping the sweat off of my whole body.
My eyes were bloodshot red, they have never been this red in my entire life, and my whole expression was just glassy, and no matter what I did I could not fix it.
My mom heard us and called us down for breakfast. Keep in mind I have strict parents, no tolerance for anything. One look at my face and my mom flips, it was that obvious, and I couldn't even talk or communicate.
My friends went home and my parents yelled at me all day and I just had this stupid look on my face. I wasn't registering and my brain wasn't functioning. that ENTIRE DAY I WAS HIGH AND TRIPPING BALLS. I passed out cold on the couch, and woke up the NEXT MORNING in my bed, still feeling high.
one bar fucked me over for three days
and my eyes were red for a week.
the moral of the story is? Don't eat the fucking entire hubby bar, eat one tiny little sliver because I honestly thought I was dead.

Anonymous said...

to the little girl above, these bars are for medical patients only.. therefore you shouldn't eat one anyway... don't need to have precautions for non medical patients.. give me a break and grow up learn to handle your shit.
im gunna get sum hubby bars and dome it the first time i try it.. might as well for $7 a piece from a local clinic because of a deal. (have to buy flowers for buy1get1 edible aka 2 hubby bars for 14$!)
seeing reviews i hope this edible is as strong as people claim.. something tells me most people dont smoke often or whateverrr so their tolerence is low but ill see!

Anonymous said...

Zen Healing on Santa Monica and La Cienega in West Hollywood. Also MedX in Dowtown LA.

Anonymous said...

Try RE Up in Garden Grove, CA

Anonymous said...

You should be able to findRE Up on weedmaps. Even someone with a Medical Card could have a reaction to a hubby bar if he/she isn't used to it.

Anonymous said...

Penut butter crunch hubby bar from CPA in santa ana. Wow. 2 squares (1/3 of bar) and I was VERY medicated for about 8 hours. No joke guys. GOOD stuff! Cost $12 but it was soooo worth it. I'm a fan. But don't eat if u got shit to do. Lol. Enjoy!

Humboldtkid said...

if your ever in the santa ana, ca area. premium patients collective has hubbys as FTP deal. kill 2 birds with one stone. they also have the greatest sativas (cali thai, lsd 69 my personal favs.) you have a nice day budlover

Anonymous said...

A year ago I took a half tab of a hubby chunk and split it with my friend. I will sum up my experience as short as possible.

I have never been that stoned in my life! We ended up in some Korean Karaoke Bar singing "Don't Stop Believing" at the top of our lungs with a bunch of Koreans, punks, and some guy that looked like Danny Trejo from blood in blood out. It was amazing. Im sure if you would have eaten the whole thing, we would of been dead. DONT EAT THE WHOLE THING. YOU WILL DIE. But for reals Hubbys for the win.

Anonymous said...

i just had two squares and its been a hour and it still hasnt kicked in? I had the milk chocolate one tasted pretty good, but still cant feel the effects? what did i do wrong?

Anonymous said...

Had a piece of one of these last night- my second experience with weed. The first time was with a vape and I didn't feel much- that one piece fucked me up hard.

Anonymous said...

Ha theyre only strong if u have a low tolerance. I had 3 whole hubby bars back to back and vaporized with them and i was still not too high or anything

Anonymous said...

Just ate 2 1/2 pieces of the Hubby Bar
An hour and a half ago and I haven't really felt anything. All I had this morning was half a cup of coffee and nothing else. I smoke everyday and this is my first Hubby Bar. I usually smoke 2Gs or more a day. So hopefully this bar is as potent as everyone says it is.
Got my bar at a club in LA
The Hot Spot $10 a bar

Joe said...

A lot of dispensaries have hubby bars but I've only ever been to one that has the Max Power hubbies. These are notably stronger and I've never heard of anyone not having a reaction to the Max Powers like I've heard about with the normal bars. Gourmet Green Room on Cotner in West LA carries Max Powers and they're almost always in stock. While you're there, check out their PR-80, Rick Ross's strain of choice.

Anonymous said...

Well hubbys are by far the best out there. I eat hubbys a bar at a time. mainly due to my tolernce to edibles. And they get the job done. You need to watch out thou because there are alot of hubby fakes out there in clinics. If u dont eat them all the time 1/6th of a bar should do the trick if not u were most likely sold fake ones.

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Anonymous said...

Go fuck yourself Marc.

Anonymous said...

D&R Medical Collective, Mentone, CA

Carry a variety of Hubbys all legit and powerful medicine.

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