Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dispensary Review - Better Alternative Treatment Center in WeHo

Today, Budlover breached the 405 and spent an afternoon in West Hollywood for meetings and a variety of other tasks. During a lull towards the end of the day, she stopped into the Better Alternative Treatment Center on Melrose Avenue. BATC is housed above a Subway on the second floor of a strip-mall on Melrose near Martel, within a block radius of at least 10 other collectives. 
Having resided in the City of Angels for nearly 4 years, Budlover knows that some of the city's better establishments can be found in strip-malls (this especially applies to sushi). Better Alternative Treatment Center did not disappoint. BL originally stopped to use the ATM at 7-11, and then popped upstairs for a little look-see. 
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The atmosphere was comfy but clean, resembling a college dormitory (and I mean that in an endearing way). A large L shaped couch, two-foot glass bong (on site medicating seems to be allowed) atop a coffee table, and bigscreen TV stand to the left.  After a quick check in, head thru the doors on the right into a small room with a counter and floor to ceiling display. Better Alternative Treatment Center offers a variety of Indica / Sativa / Hybrid flowers as well as edibles and glass pipes. Budlover had a breif chat with the friendly budtender / possible owner (did not catch his name) and in the end selected an Oakland City Diesel hybrid - 80% Sativa, 20% Indica, which was priced at $15 per gram. 
Better Alternative Treatment Center is worth checking out if you're in the area. The location is convenient to most of Weho, parking is easy, staff is friendly, and prices are a bit more reasonable than on the West Side. Unfortunately, this place does not have a website so it may be difficult to review the menu in advance.  

Have you been to Better Alternative Treatment Center? Post your experience in the comments section, or  email Budlover!

Better Alternative Treatment Center
7352 Melrose Ave @ Martel
Los Angeles, CA 90046
p. 888-420-NUGS

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