Monday, March 1, 2010

The Review: Lamb's Bread

Strain: Lamb's Bread
Subspecies: Sativa
Experience: This yummy Lamb's Bread looks as good as it hits.  There are orange crystals covering the entire bud.  The dense bud was easy to break up, so BudLover loaded the bong and fired away.  This strain was a real heavy hitter and gave an instant high.  The powerful medicated feeling was quick to leave, unfortunately, and BudLover had to go back for a few more bong rips within the hour.  Can't complain about smoking more of this lovely strain, though!
Aroma: Cheesy, funky smell (likened to vomit, but in the best way possible!)
Flavor: Tastes like a grilled artichoke
Purchased: 2.23.10 at China Inn in Venice, CA
Price:  $20/gram
Rating: ***

812 Lincoln Blvd. 
Venice, CA 90291
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