Sunday, June 13, 2010

Budlover is setting off fire alarms....again.

The fire alarm is going off in Budlover's building, but we're not evacuating.

The first time, we grabbed our tiny dog, favorite shoes, and macbook before scooting out the door.

The second time, we thought that it might be a coincidence. (we were taking bong rips both times)

The third time, we realized that it was entirely our fault.

Although we usually medicate with our Vapor Brothers Handsfree Vaporizer, we sometimes enjoy being enveloped in a pearly cloud of delicious smoke....too tempting to resist....

for the sake of our neighbors, we promise to vape more often 
; )
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Vaporizer Reviews said...

For the sake of your neighbors AND your health. I switched to a vape permanently and it's made a big difference.