Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vapor Brothers Handsfree Vaporizer

BudLover is thrilled to share all the deets on our favorite vaporizer, The Vapor Brothers' Handsfree Vaporizer.  Vaporizing is an excellent way to enjoy medical cannabis without the harsh coughing that comes with bongs and joints.  And the best part is you can really taste your cannabis.  Browse through the photo tutorial on how to use The Vapor Brothers Handsfree Vaporizer.

First, plug in your vaporizer and let it warm up for 10 minutes.  The heating stone in the center will be illuminated with blue light, so you know it is on.  Set the temperature dial to the center setting (12 o'clock.)
While your vaporizer is warming up, grind your cannabis and tap it out on a hard surface.  BudLover prefers to use the whip to suck the cannabis into the bowl.  Simply hold the bowl over your pile of freshly ground herb and give it a good suck through the mouth piece.  Fill the bowl generously, but not past the widest part of the bulb.
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You may use the bamboo skewer included with your Vapor Brothers vaporizer or any other blunt ended object to gently pack down the herbs.  This isn't really necessary, but helps to lessen the amount of herb that will inevitably fall back toward the heating stone.
Now it's time to start vaporizing.  Place the end with the cannabis on the heating stone.  There's no need to hold the whip on there since the stone is set at an angle.
Adjust the temperature to your personal preference.  BudLover likes it cold and slow.  We set the temperature to the lowest setting and pull on the whip in a long, steady fashion.  You can hear the heat passing through the cannabis and see streams of vapor in the whip.  The cloud you exhale is just vapor, so don't be alarmed.  The plant matter isn't being burned, so you aren't inhaling all that harsh smoke.  After a few pulls, stir the cannabis.  Once you start tasting a toasted popcorn flavor and the cannabis has all turned yellow-brown, empty the bowl by blowing out through the whip while holding the bowl over your compost bin or ashtray.  BudLover can't get enough of the delicious flavors of cannabis we can taste with our vaporizer.  It is the best way to sample a new strain.
Stay tuned for more tips!  And check out the Vapor Brothers site for more info:
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