Monday, March 22, 2010

Two Buds Marketing Unveiled

The team behind BudLover is thrilled to announce their new venture - Two Buds Marketing.  After spending hours scouring the world wide web for new collectives to visit for the BudLover blog, the girls realized how poorly even some of the best collectives were represented online.  Helping themselves and other patients find the right provider proved to be daunting and so they decided to do something about it!

Two Buds Marketing was created so patients wouldn't need to spend all day searching through the endless message boards, third party websites and menu postings.  And collective owners won't have to spend their precious time posting menus and trying to keep their patients abreast of new products and events in their dispensaries.  Two Buds Marketing will create a full service online media marketing solution that gives each client a unique online identity.  Collectives, edible companies and accessory businesses will receive personalized profiles on major social networking sites like DailyBuds, Facebook, WeedTracker and Twitter.  Two Buds offers several levels of services or they can customize a package to fit your needs.

Check out the Two Buds site at for all the details and make sure to ask your favorite collective to start using Two Buds to keep you in the loop with their ever-changing menus and specials.  
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