Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Review: Blue Dream

Strain: Blue Dream
Subspecies: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Experience: Just look at those sparkly, glittery trichomes! Blue Dream is one of BudLover's favorite new strains. This lovely Sativa Hybrid gave yours truly a very nice heady buzz with a long lasting tingly body high. Budlover used a grinder to unlock the gorgeous scent of Blue Dream.  Try medicating with a bong or vaporizer to get the full effect of its delicate flavor. 
Aroma: An olfactory delight! Very unique and unlike other strains I've tried lately. Blue Dream exudes a fragrance that recalls one of my favorite childhood toys - My Little Pony mixed, of course, with that tasty classic cannabis aroma.  
Flavor:  Blue Dream has a very light, perfume-y flavor reminiscent of Fruit-Loops cereal (what's with all the childhood references today!?). This strain is super smooth, a pleasure to smoke, and tastes very similar to its smell. 
Purchased: 3.13.2010 at Green Dot in Venice Beach, CA 
Price:  $22 gram  /  $65 1/8th 
Rating: ***

Green Dot 
1711 1/2 Pacific Ave @ Windward
(above Paper Scissors Rock) 
Venice, CA 90291
p. 310.392.1373

Have you been to Green Dot or tried Blue Dream lately? Please share your experience in the Comments section. 
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