Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Review: Romulan

Strain: Romulan
Subspecies: Sativa
Experience: First, I tried the Romulan using a Vapor Brothers hands-free vaporizer.  It tasted very spicy and peppery and tickled my nose.  The high was pretty mellow, so I decided to give Romulan another try the next day in my bong.  It took a few rips to feel medicated and again the high was mellow and mostly made my head feel heavy.  I think I will keep an eye out for another batch of Romulan, so I can give this popular strain another try.
Aroma:  After using the grinder, Romulan had a distinct spicy, nutmeg smell.
Flavor: Spicy and peppery. 
Purchased:  The Farmacy Venice in Venice, CA.
Price:  $25/$65 (No ounce price available)
Rating: *

The Farmacy
1509 Abbot Kinney Blvd. @ Palms
Venice, CA 90291
p. 310.392.3890

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