Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunny day adventure - The Green Angel of Malibu and Topanga Blues Festival

Exploration of the beach cities north of L.A. is one of BudLover's favorite solo activities. The drive up PCH is perfect for rocking out in our car and belting out tunes without fear of judgement. The shimmering sea to the left and blossoming hills to the right never fail to put a smile on our face.
Green Angel of Malibu
21355 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA

Green Angel of Malibu was the first stop on today's journey. This place has quite the reputation, a fabulous address, and an excellent selection to match. In spite of being located steps from the famed Billionaire Beach, Green Angel of Malibu offers a super high quality variety of flowers and edibles at surprisingly reasonable prices. The place is clean, parking is easy, and the staff is very friendly. We picked up this gorgeous Green Crack today for just $50 for 1/8th - at least $20 less than we've paid at collectives in West LA.
After leaving Green Angel, Budlover took a moment to medicate with our Launch Box vaporizer before heading a few minutes south to Topanga. The beautiful drive through this sun-dappled canyon is always breathtaking, and today was no different. Topanga is always enchanting and full of surprises, so we were delighted to stumble upon the Topanga Blues Festival at Theatricum Botanicum, a little north of the main shopping area in town.
This cute outdoor ampitheater is set among the trees next to a small stream just of Topanga Canyon Blvd. Budlover delighted by the bohemian atmosphere and lush surroundings. The music was rockin, the bbq was tasty, and the scenery was beautiful. All of this was greatly enhanced by the Green Crack - we're so happy that we picked it up along the way.
Topanga Canyon Blues Festival

Bridge to the Garden at Theatricum Botanicum

View of creek from above - Theatricum Botanicum

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