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Stiletto Stoner: Yvonne - Founder of the 99 High Art Collective and Gallery

Yvonne - aka 99

BudLover is a blog written by two friends who also happen to be women. In the spirit of celebrating female entrepreneurs, we bring you "Stiletto Stoner", a monthly column profiling our favorite female tastemakers, activists, canna-business owners, and beyond. 
Budlover is very honored to have the lovely Yvonne (aka 99) Founder of the 99 High Art Collective and Gallery, as our very first Stiletto Stoner.   Enjoy the interview!

Please tell us about your collective and philosophy on herbal medicine.
"The 99 High Art Collective was born from the need to have a place of sanctuary, healing and art to inspire people to heal themselves through higher consciousness plant medicine.  When my mother was suffering from breast cancer, it was Marijuana to the rescue.  I wanted to create a space that you could bring your mother to, and also your friends.  A place where the community could come together and heal through art and plants and music.  My philosophy is easy... Art and healing are inseparable."

What sets your collective and medicine apart from the rest? 
"I think the 99 High Art Collective sets itself apart with love and compassion.  We truly love and care about our patients, we love our growers, our friends and family, we love the mailman, we just love everyone who is a part of our collective.  Our medicine also sets us apart.  We have our very own exclusive cannabis quality expert who inspects the medicine and helps us choose the highest quality herb possible."

How do you select your products? Do you have a set of standards or guidelines for choosing which products 99 High Art Collective offers? 
"I personally try every single product that comes into the 99 High Art Collective.  We deal with only members of our collective and those we have confirmed assurance are compliant with organic growing and organic products.  We also know the makers and creators of the products we carry.  They are our friends. We always strive to have an assortment of high quality products for everyone. Including sugar free products, gluten free, vegan, and of course all organic."

How many strains does 99 High Art Collective offer at any given time? Do you have a specialty strain?
"We pride ourselves on having the largest selection of quality organic cannabis medicine, up to 99 strains at one point,  and we have  exclusive and private reserve strains including our own signature strain 99 Kush and our exclusive strain THC aka The Higher Consciousness. Two delicious sativa dominant strains."
Click here to read more about Yvonne and the 99 High Art Collective and Gallery

What Strains do you recommend for: 
Pain: "King Kush, Blueberry Goo, or Pure Kush."
Insomnia: "Any Indica, especially Shishkaberry."
Anxiety: "THC aka The Higher Consciousness (sativa), Malibu O.G., and many others too."
Appetite Loss: "Blueberry"

What are some other common ailments that patients frequently inquire about, and what do you recommend? 
"Nausea, headaches, migraines, depression, stomach ailments, and so many more. I recommend experimenting with as many strains as possible to discover what works best for any given disorder."

What is your favorite strain and what is your favorite way to medicate?
"I'd have to say 99 Kush, when we have it. THC and many others are also my favorites, it depends on what ails me. I do love the ceremony and sacrament of smoking, but I'm trying to vape a bit more, with my Vape Pen, and my Launch Box. And eating cannabis, I have discovered, is one of the best ways to medicate for many ailments. Start with a little."

Do you participate in any activist organizations or philanthropic causes? If so, what are they and where can BudLover readers learn more?
I have always been an actor-vist. Half actor/half activist. My nearest and dearest cause is helping to find a cure for my god child Levi's seizures.
The legalization of Marijuana has always been something I have been passionate about. I've lived and breathed a conscious culture lifestyle from a young age. As a teen, I followed the Grateful Dead, hung with Timothy Leary, became the Woodstock anniversary girl when the Associated Press took my picture  and it graced the cover of every newspaper and tons of magazines across America. My life had been turned on to conscious music, art, and marijuana medicine. I believed in the legalization of Marijuana, then and now. 
As a Marijuana advocate, I have rallied at the Federal Building, been part of many organizations, and I am a friend and supporter of Jack Herer, who's book "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" was the first to enlighten me on the uses of hemp and Marijuana. 
Also important in my life are our most sacred and precious resources on the planet - our oceans, our whales, and the Amazon. When the whales disappear the oceans will die and us with it. We are living in critical times. Marijuana is one huge step in the worlds conscious evolution toward enlightened and sustainable existence. It is far beyond time to heal ourselves naturally. This was my Grandmother's way. It is now mine."

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