Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Review: Not So Virgin Olive Oil

(Please note - this is not a full bottle! Budlover was super excited to make 
her enhanced Bruschetta and forgot to snap a photo beforehand. )
Edible: The Venice Cookie Company's Not So Virgin Olive Oil
Flavor:  When it comes to the flavor of enhanced cannabis food, I promise to never give it a thumbs up if it only tastes good within the realm of cannabis edibles.  All the food that I eat should taste good regardless if it is laced with cannabis or not.  Not So Virgin Olive Oil definitely meets my standard and I will happily give it two thumbs for flavor.  The raw, nutty flavor of extra virgin olive oil seems to pair perfectly with the earthy cannabis taste.  For quite some time, I was accustomed to choking down sub-par pot brownies, and I never got to appreciate how delicious cannabis might taste when paired with the right ingredients.  This olive oil makes an excellent dip for bread served on its own, but with so many possibilities, why eat it just like that?  More on experience & where to purchase after THE JUMP
Experience: I used my Not So Virgin Olive Oil, which is actually made from extra virgin olive oil and cannabis sativa, to make bruschetta.  I followed my recipe for bruschetta substituting half the amount of olive oil the recipe called for with the enhanced olive oil.  Once I finished assembling and broiling my bruschetta, I drizzled more Not So Virgin Olive Oil over the top.  In all, I consumed approximately one and a half teaspoons.  This was hands down the most delicious edible I have found in any collective.  No heavy marijuana flavor at all!  After gobbling down two large pieces, I patiently waited.  And waited.  And waited.  The oil took nearly an hour and a half to start working.  It was an incredibly peaceful feeling and I wanted to eat more.  Next time around I will be sure to up the dosage.  I can hardly wait to experiment more with new recipes.  Keep an eye out for upcoming posts highlighting recipes to use with this oil.
Notes: It should be noted that taking a swig of the oil straight is not recommended because it will simply coat the stomach, this edible needs digestive enzymes to work.  This olive oil, like all fine extra virgin olive oil, is best when stored in the  refrigerator.  The oil will become cloudy and solid when cold.  Just take the oil out 15 minutes before you intend to use it and it will return to liquid once it reaches room temperature.  Also, do NOT cook with this or any other extra virgin olive oil.  At high heat (temperatures greater than the oil's smoke point) the oil will begin to decompose resulting in nutrient loss, flavor degradation, and the creation of potential cancer causing radicals.

Purchased: 2.2.10 from The Farmacy Venice in Venice, CA
Price: $49/$99/$199
Rating: *****
1509 Abbot Kinney Blvd. @ Palms
Venice, CA 90291
p. 310.392.3890
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. Just picked up a bottle today. Excited to try it out tonight :)